Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A marketing consultant analyzes your business and develops strategies to improve it. Professional and organized, with varied expertise and an outside perspective of your company, a Marketing Consultant can enhance business-to-client interactions and business-to-business interactions. A Marketing Consultant figures out how to engage existing clients and how to entice potential new customers.

Imagine going on a trip to a specific destination without a map. It will take longer, cost more money and there’s no guarantee you will arrive where you want to go. Even worse, imagine setting out with no destination in mind. This might be a nice idea for a Sunday drive, but if you’re running a business, this is a recipe for disaster.

That’s where your business or organization needs a Marketing Consultant – to provide the roadmap, budget for the trip, timeline for each phase and for the arrival date, as well as milestones to watch for along the way.

A Marketing Consultant will also bring an external perspective, to let you know whether your vehicle is tuned up for the trip; to determine where to invest for improvement and efficiency; and where to stop and check on performance.

And, a Marketing Consultant doesn’t do all the driving for you. This gives you access to their expertise without having to secure a full-time employee and saving you those overhead costs.

At any stage in your business journey, and whether you want to start a business, grow an existing one, or improve efficiency, you need a Marketing Consultant.

A Marketing Consultant will evaluate your existing business to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. That could be online or offline marketing, a social media campaign, or defining what motivates customers to increase lead generation. It could be brochures, website design or search engine optimization for an existing website.

A Marketing Consultant can also help with reputation management, vital for any business in an online universe. Marketing is not something undertaken in a haphazard way. A Marketing Consultant is strategic and methodical, always with an eye on your bottom line.

A Marketing Consultant should have training, background and skills in Marketing, along with the specific expertise necessary to meet your requirements, such as Marketing Operations or as specific as Social Media Marketing, for instance. An ideal Marketing Consultant will bring expertise in a variety of industries. A Marketing Consultant must also be professional and organized, and willing to spend the time to understand your business and work with you to improve it.

Now you know the benefits of an experienced Marketing Consultant. Do you want to improve your bottom line and enhance your business? Do you need the roadmap to success for your organization? I’m here to help.

As a true marketing professional, I will help your business by creating detailed marketing strategies, building effective processes and procedures, mentoring, and more. Whether you have a project or you want to outsource marketing expertise, I can help.

A Virtual Assistant works for a business in a variety of areas without being a full-time employee. Working remotely, but connected to your organization, a Virtual Assistant can handle a variety of administrative tasks that you may not have the internal capacity to manage – or you may not want to have on-site on a full-time basis. 

A Virtual Assistant provides outsourced expertise on a regular basis, including assistance with administrative scheduling, bookkeeping, policies and procedures, business development, social media, marketing and other tasks.

Small to medium sized businesses and start-ups can really benefit from the skills of an experienced Virtual Assistant.

Being an entrepreneur or business owner is a bit like being a juggler. You have a lot of different “balls in the air,” or tasks to look after when you run a business. Some of those tasks may require more time or attention, but you can’t do that. You have to focus on every ball in the air.

That’s where a Virtual Assistant can help. You can delegate the administrative tasks that are so vital to the success of your company, but that take so much time away from other, more vital tasks. Spend more time on high-value assignment with the help of a Virtual Assistant. Stop juggling everything and focus on the right things.

The services of a Virtual Assistant will allow you instant access to expertise. You won’t need to train a staff member to figure out scheduling, or bookkeeping, or project management. You’ll have an experienced service assistant to handle tasks that either don’t require a full-time person, or that support you so you can manage other aspects of the business that need your full attention. Plus, start-ups and SMEs can benefit from lower operational costs by hiring Virtual Assistants, because there’s no overhead required from renting office space and other costs.

A Virtual Assistant is used to working remotely and is therefore available to you wherever you happen to be located. If you travel on business, work from home a lot, or have an enterprise that operates 24/7, a Virtual Assistant can help manage administrative tasks from their location without worrying about whether somebody is “in the office.”

Stop juggling every task and focus where it’s needed.

A Virtual Assistant should have experience in the key areas with which your business needs support. That could be general skills like bookkeeping, or it could be specific like bookkeeping plus certification in a system like QuickBooks. You also want a Virtual Assistant to be professional, organized, responsive, adaptable, and with laser focus attention to detail. A Virtual Assistant, by their very nature, will be comfortable working remotely while staying connected to you and your organization; be competent with modern technology; and be able to adapt to ambiguity and change.

Now you know the benefits of an experienced Virtual Assistant. Do you want expert administrative support to allow you to focus on other aspects of your business? I’m here to help.

As a Virtual Assistant who understands business, I can help yours by providing bookkeeping services, developing policies and procedures, engaging in business development, managing social media and marketing, handling project management and other important tasks. You can stop juggling everything and focus on the important things.

Find out more about Buchanan Incorporated, my services, and my past success with businesses. Contact me now to find out how I can help your organization excel.

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